Zoe Young


Year 7 Lead

Teacher of Expressive Arts

Staff Wellbeing Ambassador



University of Central Lancashire

BA (Hons) Furniture Design

University of Bedford


University of Middlesex

Post Graduate certificate - CPT3A Certificate in Psychometric Testing, Assessment and Access Arrangements

Currently studying

NPQ LBC (National Professional Qualification in Leading Behaviour and Culture) 


Zoe has been working in secondary education since 2005.  She is passionate about supporting young people to grow and flourish into adulthood to help them achieve their aspirations.  She has a firm belief that all students thrive, with the right support, encouragement and environment.  She will always see the best in students and works hard to support them as individuals.

In the last 10 years that Zoe has been teaching at AMVC, she has developed a vast amount of experience in a variety of areas.  She has lead the PSHE department for the last 3 years and has implemented a new PSHE curriculum and resources.  She has also been the Community Cohesion lead, raising money for charities, building partnerships and completing projects with schools in Europe, and promoting diversity and equality in the school community.  In the last 5 years, Zoe has taught Drama and Technology and has a real passion for creativity and encourages all students to develop confidence and explore their own creativity.

Beyond the classroom, she has also become a qualified assessor for Exam Access Arrangements, ensuring that all students are on a level playing field when it comes to sitting formal examinations.