The downloadable policies require Adobe Reader

Other policies are available upon request

These policies are subject to revision due to local or central legislation

Trust Policies
MAT Code of conduct for adults
MAT Business and Pecuniary Interests
MAT Complaints Policy
DfE Guidance for safer working practice
MAT Equality and Diversity Policy
MAT Appraisal and capability Policy
MAT First Aid Policy
MAT Freedom of information
MAT Public Sector Equality Duty Report
MAT Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
MAT ICT Student Policy
MAT Intimate Care Policy
MAT Medical Conditions Policy
MAT Manual Handling 
MAT PE and Performing Arts Policy 
MAT Recruitment and Retention Policy
MAT Remote/Lone Workers Policy
MAT Relationships and Sex Policy
MAT Risk Assessment & Risk Register Policy
MAT Safeguarding Policy 
MAT Single Central Record Policy 
MAT Transgender Policy
MAT Trips and Visits Policy
MAT Wellbeing Policy 
MAT Whistleblowing Policy


MDSA Policies Date to be presented to Governors
MDSA Accessibility Plan DRAFT June 2022
MDSA Achievement & Behaviour Policy DRAFT June 2022
MDSA Admissions Policy 2022 N/A
MDSA Admissions Policy 2023 N/A
MDSA Anti-Bullying Policy DRAFT June 2022
MDSA Assessment Policy DRAFT June 2022
MDSA Attendance Policy DRAFT June 2022
MDSA Careers Policy DRAFT June 2022
MDSA SMSC Policy Drive DRAFT June 2022
MDSA SEN Policy DRAFT June 2022
MDSA Staff Induction Policy DRAFT  June 2022
MDSA Reporting to Parents and Carers Policy DRAFT June 2022 
MDSA Physical Intervention Policy DRAFT June 2022