Manor Drive Secondary Academy Building

Manor Drive Secondary Academy will welcome its first cohort of children in September 2022 and promises to be a school that is at the heart of the community.  The Academy will begin with 120 Year 7 students, growing to 900 when at full capacity.

The Academy will be a dynamic and innovative school which are built on traditional core values: high standards, innovative teaching and a strong emphasis on student wellbeing.  The ethos focuses on enabling every student to make outstanding progress through the highest quality of teaching and learning.  The unique and diverse curriculum will equip students with the skills, knowledge and values needed for a successful future. 

Manor Drive Secondary Academy will create a learning environment that is not only stimulating and celebratory but also, most importantly, one that meets the needs of every young person in our care.  There will be the opportunity to pursue a range of extra-curricular activities aimed at encouraging students to develop their interests and explore new ones, and all of this in a brand new, state of the art campus.  It will actively seek to involve families and the local community to be part of the Academy’s everyday life.


Site Plans

Master Plan


Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor