E- Safety

The internet has transformed the ability to access content.  Many apps that children use are dependent on user-generated content which can encourage freedom of expression, imagination and creativity.  However, due to the sheer volume uploaded every day, it can be difficult for platforms to regulate and moderate everything, which means that disturbing or distressing images, videos or audio clips can slip through the net.  For hints and tips on different apps that children may use please click on the links below. 

Top ten tips for parents:

1.  Monitor viewing habits

Whilst most apps have moderation tools, inappropriate content can slip through the net.

2.  Check online content

Understand what is being shared  or what seems to be 'trending' at the moment.

3.  Check age ratings

Make sure children are old enough to use the app and meet the recommended age limit.

4.  Change privacy settings

Make accounts private and set content filters and parental controls where possible.

5.  Spend time on the app

Get used to how apps work, what content  is available and what your child like to watch.

6.  Let children know you are there

Ensure they know that there is support and advice available to them if they need it.

7.  Encourage critical thinking

Talk about what people might post online and why some posts could cause distress.

8.  Learn how to report and block

Always make sure that children know how to use the reporting tools on social media apps.

9.  Keep an open dialogue

If a child sees distressing material online; listen to their concerns, empathise and offer reassurance.

10.  See further support

If a child has been affected by something they have seen online, seek support from our Pastoral Team.