How can I find out more about Manor Drive Secondary Academy?

Please check this website to find out about our upcoming virtual events. During these events the Headteacher, Mrs Jo Sludds, will be available to explain more about the school and answer your questions.

When will the school open?

In September 2022.

How will the school grow?

In our first year we will have 120 students in 4 Tutor Groups.  In 2023 we will welcome 150 students in 5 Tutor Groups with 180 across 6 Tutor Groups in the following academic year.  The school will be full by September 2028, when all Year Groups will have 6 Tutor Groups. 

When it is full, Manor Drive Secondary Academy will teach 900 children.

When can I apply for a place?

You can apply between 1 September 2021 – 31 October 2021. Please visit the admissions page to find out more.

Why can my child, who is older than Year 7 age, not attend Manor Drive Secondary Academy?

In September 2022 we only have places for Year 7 children. It will not be possible for us to offer places to children in other Year Groups.

What will my child learn at Manor Drive Secondary Academy?

Please click here to find out more about our curriculum.